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A higher percentage of American children are growing up in poverty than the children in most European countries or Canada, according to a new book. The book, Child Well-Being, Child Poverty and Child Policy in Modern Nations, co-authored by Timothy Smeeding, a professor of public policy at Syracuse University, N.Y., and sociologist Koen Vleminckx, of the University of Leuven in Luxembourg, has been published by The University of Toronto Press.

The table shows percentages of children living in poverty.
Sweden 2.4
Slovakia 3.2
Finland 3.2
Czechia 3.4
Norway 3.9
Luxembourg 4.3
Belgium 5.1
Austria 5.3
France 5.6
Switzerland 6.4
Netherlands 7.0
Germany 8.7
Hungary 10.1
Ireland 12.4
Spain 12.4
Poland 12.7
Canada 14.7
United Kingdom 16.2
Italy 19.5
USA 20.3
Russia 23.2

Within America, both New York State, with 26.3 percent, and California, with 25.7 percent, have higher percentages of children living in poverty than Russia. The U.S. states with the lowest percentages of children in poverty are concentrated in the Midwest, West, and New England, and have comparatively small minority populations. They are North Dakota and South Dakota, 12.3; Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas, 13.0; Colorado, Utah and Nevada, 13.1; Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, 13.7; Indiana and Missouri, 13.8; Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, 13.9; Arkansas, 14.1; Wisconsin, 15.1; and Minnesota, 15.8 percent.

In Canada, the percentage of children living in poverty by provinces is as follows: Prince Edward Island, 8.9; Quebec, 12.4; Alberta, 14.2; Ontario, 14.4; Nova Scotia, 15.1; New Brunswick, 15.2; Saskatchewan, 15.5; Manitoba, 15.6; Newfoundland, 15.9; and British Columbia, 18.0.

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